press pass

Please note that the CCS can only provide press passes for their own events.


Press passes for guest events

If you would like to apply for a press pass for a guest event, please contact the respective organizer. The organizer for each event is specified at


Press passes for CCS own events

If you want to apply for press pass for one of  CCS’s own events, use the form for press accreditation provided in the download, and send this to us at least 14 days before the event starts. Many thanks.

Please understand that for accreditation we need to ask you for a copy of your valid press card. Unfortunately applications for accreditation cannot be considered without a copy of the press card. We ask freelance journalists to also enclose an assignment confirmation from their editorial office.

We also require online newsrooms to provide the same documents as above.

Only this way can we ensure smooth and effective press work for all representatives of the media.



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