Promotion for events organisers

We promote your events

Options depend on what’s available:

  • No. 01, included in advert in the “Treff Region” events supplement of the Saarbrücker Zeitung newspaper
  • No. 02, banner on Camphauser Straße
  • No. 03, banner at the roundabout of the Congresshalle
  • No. 04, high visibility campaign 2016 (currently Dekaden 32, 33)
  • No. 05, Slider mainpage
  • No. 06, marketing on facebook

All information on promotions is here Downloads

We also offer free promotional activities

  1. through setting out flyers (500 copies) and the posting up of A1 – posters (20 copies) in our two buildings. Send us the materials to: Congresshalle Saarbrücken, Hafenstraße 12, 66111 Saarbrücken
  2. through the notification of your events
  • in our digital events calendar with approximately 15,000 visitors per month
  • in the print version (Leporello) of our events calendar, 2-3 times/year (print run: 10,000 – 15,000)
  • in the CCS – APP
  • in the CCS Facebook account as an event notification
  • on displays that are set up in the CCS layout We need only brief press releases for this, and 1 to 2 high resolution images (at least 300 dpi) by email
  1. as a point of contact to regional media

PLEASE NOTE: The above activities can be initiated only after the signed rental agreement has been submitted by you along with the corresponding materials/images/texts.