Ristorante Roma

The Ristorante Roma boasts an elegant lounge in the entrance area, the classical and modern ambience of the actual restaurants, a privileged view of the Saar and – more importantly – the excellent creations of renowned Head Chef Thomas Scheidweiler. This elegant restaurant with bar and adjacent balcony offers space for 16 tables and 76 guests over 230 square meters.

And what can the Ristorante Roma offer true gourmets?

First-class Italian cuisine from Coniglio in porchetta to ossobuco to zampone. When hearing the names of such delicacies, we think of sun, holidays and the joy of living south of the Alps. With creativity, a lot of love for the profession and a soothing dose of Italian simplicity the family Del Fa has been leading its guests on a culinary journey through the cuisine of the Apennine peninsula for more than 20 years.

Especially the first-class creations of the Tuscan and northern Italian cuisine are what have inspired the German Head Chef Thomas Scheidweiler and Signora Maura Del Fa again and again.