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Catering service

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Current Notice

The Covid pandemic does not look the other way when it comes to catering. Quite the opposite!

Therefore, you can rely on our experience and close cooperation with our gastronomic partners to implement your catering ideas in strict compliance with safety precautions and regulations. Of course, we also pay attention to compliance with existing quality, safety and hygiene guidelines.

What’s more, we coordinate closely with our partners to exhaust the possibilities currently available to us by the regulations in Saarland in order to ensure your safety and that of our customers, partners, suppliers and employees.



You agree? Then Saarbrücken is the right place for you, because we live according to the Saarland credo “Hauptsach gudd gess” (The most important thing is to eat well!).

From coffee breaks and buffets to festive banquets for conferences and congresses, from break catering at concerts to special celebrations such as anniversaries, weddings or graduation balls – everything is possible.

Our houses offer healthy, light meals for that certain something during a conference break or a trade fair, a sophisticated menu for private celebrations or down-to-earth and hearty Saarland dishes. All culinary influences from the diversity of countries in the SaarLorLux region can be found in the food offered by our in-house caterer and our partners in the catering network.

Rounded off by a carefully selected range of drinks – from cult beverages to lovingly selected wines – your event will be an enjoyable experience.


With First Choice Eventservice GmbH, Congress-Centrum Saar GmbH offers a permanent catering partner in the Saarlandhalle and Congresshalle, who will provide the perfect food for your event. Each event is organised and professionally managed according to your individual wishes and culinary ideas. The kitchens integrated in both buildings guarantee that the food is always freshly prepared.

You can reach our in-house caterer here: