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Our services makes your life easier!

Below you will find an overview of what we have to offer. We will provide you with a custom-fit offer to your specifications and wishes.

Hygiene & safety concepts of the CCS in times of Corona

Trust us and our decades of experience in event management. It is very important to us that we support you even more than usual in these times. Find out here what our concepts look like and what you can rely on.

Freely adapted from the quote by Sabine Hübner : “The stronger the service, the smaller the crisis”.

Consulting & Renting

Professional advice & support right from the start

Whether you are a PCO (Professional Congress Organizing) or a private person, we will support you from the first to the last second in the organisation and realisation of your event.

Our well-rehearsed team has many years of experience in event management and is ready to advise you with great commitment. Together with you, we will create a suitable event concept in accordance with the currently applicable guidelines and provide you with personal support from the beginning to the end of your event. We are also happy to help you with the brainstorming and support you with a full service package if required.

Variable venues with modern infrastructure

Our two halls, located in the state capital Saarbrücken, have flexible venue concepts that are suitable for events of any size. Seminars and conferences are just as possible as exhibitions and trade fairs. We also have the right space for private celebrations, such as birthdays or weddings.

In addition, the forecourt of the Congresshalle offers the possibility of holding events completely or only partially outdoors. The corresponding infrastructure (electricity and water connections) enables events such as trade fairs or open-air concerts.
In addition, almost all rooms and foyers are equipped with modern air-conditioning technology. The Grand Auditorium in the Congresshalle has an IONAIR system that ensures an extremely pleasant room climate.

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PR & Marketing

We know how important marketing and public relations are for you and your event. That’s why we offer several free services to promote your event. These measures include:

  • The inclusion of your event in our digital event calendar
  • The inclusion of your event in our print version of the event calendar, which is published twice a year
  • Mention of your event at our annual press conference to announce the new game program
  • Dispatch of press releases for your events to the regional press via our PR department

In addition, we can put you in touch with local print media, TV and radio stations as well as providers of billposting services. Have a browse through our “Downloads and things to know” page.

You will find our exclusive advertising measures, which you can book additionally, on the page „Advertising services for organisers.

Event Technology & IT

Modern event technology for your event success

We attach particular importance to the modern technical equipment of the venues and an experienced team of technical experts in order to guarantee the success of your event.

Preparation is everything

Our engineering department provides you with true-to-scale CAD drawings in which all important building services connections are recorded. These include, for example, the connections for electricity, water and waste water, telephone, internet or connection points for connecting broadcasting vehicles. These plans help you design a flexible space concept for the complete hall. Events such as art exhibitions, discussion forums or television studios can also be set up in our foyers without any problems.

Stage equipment

All of our rooms have different stage equipment which meet the latest standards. You will find the exact details in the respective rooms of the Congresshalle or Saarlandhalle as well as in the PDFs below.

Conference and media technology

To ensure that your event offers an exceptional audiovisual experience, a modern communication system and a powerful projector system are indispensable. From setting up a live studio or public viewings via large-screen video projection to orchestra and conference events to recordings of your events – our media technology and event technicians are equipped for this. All rooms have blackout facilities, allowing projections and film screenings to take place under optimal conditions.

If something is missing, we will be happy to put you in touch with appropriate service providers from our partner network.

Audio engineering

Modern digital technology for the perfect sound and an optimal volume tuning are part of our sound technology standard. Some of our rooms have both permanently installed and mobile sound systems. This allows an individual adjustment of your event to the room acoustics, no matter whether you are hosting a small presentation or a sophisticated show.

Network equipment

The Congresshalle has its own network with 100 Mbps speed. In addition, our administrators will provide support during the event to set up your network connection and ensure an undisturbed communication link.

Of course, it is possible to access our Wi-Fi in the Congresshalle as well as in the Saarlandhalle. This means that you can easily operate an internet café during a trade fair or set up hotspots to provide participants with internet access. Congress-Centrum Saar GmbH offers as a special exhibition service the separate billing of Internet access for each stand within your exhibition.

Lighting technology
A well thought-out lighting concept is of course also important for the right atmosphere at your event. Thanks to the leading-edge technical equipment installed in our halls, as well as our experienced light technicians, your event will be put in the right light. From glaring spotlights, to changing shades of colour, to subdued semi-darkness, everything is possible.

Ticketing & Digital Admission System

Ticketing is not your thing? Then leave it to us!

We offer you the takeover and organisation of ticketing to your event. You choose between the ticket systems CTS Eventim or Ticket Regional.

Our ticketing experts advise you on the categorisation. We will provide you with a detailed final statement and you will receive an overview of your ticket revenue at any time at the touch of a button.

As of now, you can enjoy a brand new service: The CONTACTLESS ticket admission system!
Let your visitors and guests check in comfortably and contact-free – With our digital system for admission management you have full flexibility and security over your ticketing for any size of event. In addition to mobile hardware such as scanning columns and hand-held scanners, our trained staff will take care of entering your event into the software as well as the usual professional on-site admission. The system not only has interfaces to all common ticket providers, but also scanners that can capture all common QR & barcodes as well as data via NFC. We will be happy to advise you.

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Personnel Services & Security

You need hostesses, stewards or security staff for your event? Book these personnel services through us. We determine the appropriate need based on the nature of your event and organise the staff – be it ushers, ticket collectors or cloakroom personnel.

CCS personnel are trained as escape assistants and are an integral part of our safety concepts for the Saarlandhalle and Congresshalle.
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