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Saarpolygon, Foto: adobestock


Saarland is the second smallest state, located in the southwest of Germany and thus in the heart of Europe. Here you can experience a lot of nature and the “savoir vivre” live.

Saarbruecken Alte Bruecke shutterstock copyright Photomann7

Saarbrücken – Attractive in every respect

The “city on the river” and capital of the Saarland has a lot to offer: it is the largest shopping city in the region, there are numerous events, you can eat and drink very well and meet a lot of hospitality and a lot of joie de vivre.

Interesting hotel landscape

Stay overnight

You would like to stay overnight in Saarbrücken and arrive at your event as relaxed as possible? One of the many special hotels in Saarbrücken will certainly be the right one for you. On our overview page you will find hotels that are no more than 50 metres away from the Congresshalle and links to other booking portals.