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Grand Hall

The Grand Hall in the Saarlandhalle offerscountless possibilities across 2,000 sqm of interior space. Thanks to the expandable tiers on the sides, the hall is a popular venue for sporting events and especially for concerts. Exhibitions and trade fairs are just as possible here as party events, social events such as graduation balls and TV ...

  •  Floor space3240 sqm
  •  Row4500
  •  Parliamentary1284
  •  Banquet1536

Room 4

The daylight-flooded Room 4 is an all-round talent thanks to its variable room concept, which is well suited for conferences or exhibitions. The room is air-conditioned and can be used separately from the rest of the Saarlandhalle or as an extension to Foyer A. The real wood paneling and hardwood floors exude a pleasant atmosphere, making it perfect for private parties such as weddings and other ...

  •  Floor space243 sqm
  •  Row255
  •  Parliamentary126
  •  Banquet228

Room 7

Room 7 convinces with its flexibility and size. Retractable walls, air conditioning, natural light and blackout through curtains or electric blinds are just a few of the room's benefits. Mobile counters can be used variably thanks to water and power connections recessed in the parquet floor. This equipment makes Room 7 particularly suitable for conferences, banquets, private events or ...

  •  Floor space429 sqm
  •  Row531
  •  Parliamentary218
  •  Banquet392

Room 1

Room 1 of the Saarlandhalle is preferably used for banquets, small meetings or press conferences. Due to access to a catering area, it is also a popular venue for private parties. The special feature is the small catering counter in the anteroom of the hall. Separate entrance makes independent use from the rest of the building possible. Small meetings, press ...

  •  Row140
  •  Parliamentary60
  •  Banquet104

Room 5

Room 5 is designed to be used as a self-contained unit, independent of the rest of the Saarlandhalle. It has a separate entrance, a meeting room, its own toilet facilities, a kitchen and a drinks counter. The layout and furnishings make this room perfect for VIP lounges or smaller receptions. VIP Lounge, press conference, organizer's office, smaller ...

  •  Floor space75 sqm incl. side room
  •  Banquet24

Room 8

Room 8, which is located in the basement of the Saarlandhalle, is the ideal place for small conferences, meetings, press conferences and a perfect addition to the room concept of larger events in the Saarlandhalle. Flexible retractable walls allow the hall to be divided into three individual rooms. There is also a small terrace in front of the ...

  •  Floor space150 sqm
  •  Row196
  •  Parliamentary84
  •  Banquet108
Room 8 in the Saarlandhalle with parliamentary seating

Room 6

Room 6, which is located in the backstage area of the Saarlandhalle, is mainly used as a meeting room. It is also ideal for board meetings or as an event office at trade fairs and exhibitions. The focal point of the room is a massive conference table designed in an amorphous form, which offers space for 16 people and has integrated connections for projection ...

  •  Banquet16

Room 2

Room 2 is located in the intermediate foyer, which can be divided into two room combinations by retractable partition walls. To Room 2 and with direct passage to Room 3. Exhibitions, presentations, meetings, part of the intermediate foyer, variable wall system, Air-conditioned, Flooring: carpet, direct extension to Room 3 possible, further connection to Room 7 and Room 1 ...

  •  Row268
  •  Parliamentary120
  •  Banquet160
Saarlandhalle Room 2, parlamentiary seating, decked, screen

Room 3

Room 3 is located in the intermediate foyer, which can be divided into two room combinations by retractable partition walls. To a Room 2 and with a direct passage to Room 3. Additionally there is a direct access to an adjoining room, the former restaurant. Exhibitions, presentations, meetings, variable wall system, direct access to the former restaurant usable as adjoining ...

  •  Row266
  •  Parliamentary124
  •  Banquet160
Saarlandhalle Room 3 view through door into Room 2